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BATIM Chapter 2: Bi All Means, Double the odds (1) :icontitansfan200:Titansfan200 3 0
Batim Chapter 1: Ring in the New Bell(s)
Chapter 1: Ring in The New Bell(s)
It was the start of the New Year, and as all new years go: Some start off good while some start off bad. As for the SillyVision studio, it started off bad. One of the animators had left due to unknown and cartoons were now being put at slower rate. The known dancing demon was even looking a bit funny, even with animators coming and going for SillyVision did not help. Constantly, people came and went which annoyed Joey Drew, the director of the studio. Soon enough, it was nearly half of the year landing smack dab in June. As the summer heat came, children were expected to be out of school and watching cartoons while slept in for three months. It was at this time; Joey placed a meeting with all his workers and Susie in the break room.
Sammy: Alright Joey, what the hell is going on? I got music to write with Jack.
Jack: Yeah Drew, what's going on?
Joey: Well I would like to announce that I finally managed to find a new lead animator. Before you all ask a
:icontitansfan200:Titansfan200 3 0
BATIM: Purgatory Predicaments
BATIM (bonus) Chapter: Purgatory Predicaments
Deep down in the depths of Silly Vision Studios: it was dark, black & inky. Monsters made of ink roamed everywhere. From weird ink blobs, some of the cartoons characters, to the retirements of the studios workers. It was sure dark & gloomy in the lower areas. But for a very lovely looking ink woman, she could care less about the dangers & sadness around her as she ran as fast as she could to the stair well. The echoes of Susie Campbell's maniacal laughter filled her ears as she tripped on her own ink dress. She had about enough of this ridiculous thing. Ripping the bottom portion & tossed it away. Her legs were now showing up to the upper parts of her knees. She quickly got back up & burst through the door of the stair well. Running down the steps as fast as she could, she prayed that they both were ok. She had been following the strange man & clone of the once beloved cartoon wolf for a while. Fascinated that someone made it this far into
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BEE-have and let us talk
I got bored and make a little something for a pun buddy :icon9centschange: as her little Luna meets Ol' Abe or Randy...... as she learns that her father basically made him like this and in return he stuck a beehive on his head as payback.

Luna belongs to :icon9centschange:

Abe and Randy belongs to me

BATIM belongs to TheMeatly

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Next morning, he woke up to only finding himself to only in his boxers

Robin: What the hell?

He tries moving again to find himself again cuffed to the bed frame railing again.

Robin: Ally? What the hell are you doing this time to me?!

He sees her carefully crawl on the bed, in red lingerie with a devils tail and horns

Robin: Oh come on Ally, this again? Well at least Maddie is-

He sees a nervous Maddie in white lingerie with angel wings and halo on her.

Robin: Maddie really? I can suspect this from the demon sitting on my chest...but why~?

Maddie: That's it!!! I can't!!!!

She was about to walk out of the room until Alison grabbed her arm and pulled her onto the bed, making her lay opposite side of him as she laid on the other.

Alison: So Robi, which one you want first? Heaven or Hell~?

Robin goes white a little.....

Robin: Um......what's gonna happen......if I

Alison: You get a special treat~

Robin goes red

Robin: Guess....a man can't say both......?

He nervously smiles

Alison: I suppose so. After all, your angel here is rather horny today~

Maddie: Am not......but.....I'm doing it for him.

She then removes her tong & sits on his face.

Alison: Now Maddie. Remember what I taught you~?

Maddie nodded and took a little bottle out from between her breasts. She then poured some of it on Robin's now throbbing member, letting it slide down slowly before placing both feet onto it. She then held it between her own two feet, beginning to move them up and down in a very slow motion letting him take in the sensation.

Robin goes red, feeling red in the face more

Robin: That's.....nice.....

Alison: I bet. Your little blueberry has been learning. Now~

She sat on his chest now, and then began to rub her own feet against his face. They smelled of sugar and lilac. They were soft to the touch and where also warm.

Alison: Does my baby love his present~?

Robin: Ye-Ye-Ye-Yes.....I am........

He nervously smiles

Alison: No need to be nervous baby. Enjoy this. Then after, you can have a little pussy time~

Abe: Wh-Wh-Wh-What can I do......m-m-m-mistress.......?

Alison: Relax & enjoy~

Robin kisses one of them

Alison: That's it baby. Maddie~

Maddie then speed up. Moving both feet in different patterns.

Robin: Umm...

He looked a bit scared

Robin: nice.......umm....

Alison: What's the matter hun?

Robin: Nothing....just surprised this is happening.

He blushes more

Robin: smother me.....please?

He closes his eyes, waiting for a reaction.

Alison then began to rub her feet all over his face, letting the sugar and lilac sent over whelm him.

Alison: Well~?

He starts kissing them

She then smirked

Alison: Speed up Maddie~

Maddie began to move faster. She then took more of the oil & poured more on him, letting it cover her feet a bit too.

Robin: Is.....this... a bit...cheating~?

Alison: Now now, we are playing fair. Let's just see how much longer you can hold it back~

Alison starts to rube her finger along the opening of his tip as Maddie continued to go at her fast pace.

Robin goes red

Alison: Look's like someone is close~

His member flinches

Robin: N-N-N-No......I can.......hold it.....nothing is....gonna

He nervously smiles

Alison: Ooooo, I like a challenge~

Maddie speed up even more now.

His member flinches more


He face went red a little

Alison: Ah aaaah. Keep that up & I'll have to pull out the big guns~

Robin: Bi-Bi-Big guns?

Alison: It's called sucking at the tip as blue bell continues to stroke you~

Robin: No-No-No-No need for that......

He nervously smiles

Alison: There we go. We'll save it for later then~

Randy: OH GOD~!

He shoots one big load in front of them

Maddie then had removed her feet before any of it got on them. And Alison took her hand away real quick.

Alison: Oh my~ Someone must have really been turned on~

Maddie's face was pretty red at this point. The outfit & action she just completed didn't help much, but what made it worse was when Alison leaned herself down and began to lick a bit up. She then pulled Maddie down by her bra to join her. And of course, she reluctantly did so feeling a bit ashamed from enjoying it.

Robin took a few deep breathes

Robin: Yeah......I till.....this happen..........

He looks at the two with his innocent eyes

Maddie had looked away at the point. She just felt to ashamed & embarrassed to look him in the eyes. She sat there with her back turned as Alison began to un-cuff him from the bed, starting from his ankles & ending with his hands.

Alison: There's always next time hun.

She kissed him on the forehead.

Robin: Maybe.....Maddie could use it.....

He holds her close.....

Robin: She wanted to make me happy......

He kisses her cheek

Maddie: C-could use what?

Robin: Love.....

She looked rather nervous, but her eyes had a bit of a sparkle to them.

Maddie: W-what kind?

Robin: Well....I did like the idea you two....pulled......maybe I can owe it with my time with you two together.

Maddie looked a bit annoyed now.

Maddie: Your not being very specific Robin.

Alison: I think he wants to cuff you up sweetie~

Maddie: No. I'm not doing that. I hate how numb my arms get after a bit.

Alison: Such a bossy angel.

Maddie stuck her tongue out at her.

Robin: I was gonna say us three for the hour...maybe longer.......I don't know.

Alison: Depends on who's doing what~

Maddie: *sighs* I don't even feel like doing any of the work. But I'm gonna get stuck with it huh?

Alison: Oh hush you, you’re acting like a child right now.

Maddie: ....Sorry....I just feel so ridiculous in this get up.......makes me feel fat....

Alison: Honey, you’re not. Hm.....I'll be right back. I got something that will get things fired up.

She walks out of the room real quick.

Robin kisses her neck a little, wrapping his arms around her body

Maddie: I look.....ridiculous in this?

Robin: look cute...

He turns her around and looks at her

Robin: You always.....I love how you did this for me even didn't......I love you for it.....thank you....

He kisses her

Her face went totally red. But kissed him back before feeling her bra get unhooked.

Maddie: !!! Ally!?

Alison then poured blueberry sauce down her breasts.

Alison: A little treat for the birthday boy~

Robin licks away

Maddie began to moan out, drooling a bit as Alison started to finger her.

Robin: Mhmm~

Alison: Baby boy loves his boobs. So soft and big, better pinch and bite them too. She's not quiet wet enough for you to fuck her just yet~

Robin bites them

Maddie moaned out loudly as he did this.

Robin: Mhmm~

Maddie: Oh Robin~

Alison: That's it bluebell. Give in to it all. After he get's his way with you, I'll even let Andrew have his own fun~

Robin: MMMM!

He twitches

Andrew: Mhmm~

Alison: Oh! I guess he's taking over now.
Andrew: You say my name....I come out~

He continues

Alison: Well, I guess this will work. I got plenty more for Robin's sake~

Maddie kept moaning out. Her eyes where closed & her tongue was sticking out.

A good long hour of fun began to play as the three enjoy a little fun and mostly afterwards, cuddling in the sheets. Andrew held them close as happiness grew.

Andrew: That was fun~

Alison: It was. Very much so~

Maddie had laid on his chest. Keeping him close to her. Alison just sorta cuddled next to him, watching her being all cutie.

Andrew: You two are an interesting pair, I like you both how cute you are. You may see me as this perv buddy Ally, but I still enjoy your presence here....but Blueberry I enjoy more since she's cute here.

Alison: It's cool. I have always seen Robi as my main man anyway. I'm glad you like having me around, but that little blueberry there is all yours. But, don't forget to share with me & Robi now~

Andrew: Uh oh........

He twitches

Robin: ........One hour of fun......that was incredible.

Alison smiles.

Alison: It was. You even got to have your blueberry there with all the sauce you could ever want on her~

Maddie still laid on his chest. Her eyes where closed & she was purring a bit???

Robin: it tasted.....pretty nice..........

He looks at the clock on the wall

Robin:'s almost three.

Maddie shot up from hearing that.


She quickly got up & dressed quickly & ran downstairs. Leaving Alison & Robin in bed together.

Robin: Wait.....THREE! My parents! They're coming in a half hour! Get Maddie out of the kitchen and have her here. Do not leave the room!

He grabs his clothes and runs in the bathroom, showering off

Alison did not question this & did as she was told. She threw on a bright colored nightgown & ran downstairs & scooped Maddie up & ran back up into there room. She shut the door & sat her on the bed. Maddie at this point looked confused by all this.

Robin soon runs out with his pants on and hair combed

Robin: Ok....stay here for the hour and a half. My not need to see you or else something will happen to you. As long as no surprise party comes, that's good. Just stay here please!

He runs downstairs and gets them food and drinks

Robin: Here's food and something to cure your thirsty little sleeves. I love you both.

He kisses them both before closing the door and preparing for their arrival.

Alison looked at Maddie.

Alison: What time was everyone supposed to come?

Maddie: Well, I said 5. So where good. But.....why do I have a bad feeling about this?

Alison: I do to. But we have to do this for Robin's sake.

A half hour comes and a green convertible rolls in as the girls looks outside. A colossal man of 455 pounds closes his door and walks around to fetch a girl. He had black hair Italian greaser hair with a green ascott in his white shirt. His black suspenders match his pants and boots with a cold beer in hand. A woman in red lingerie with a pink robe covered her as she held a wine bottle and seems to speak gibberish. The tall man rolls his eyes and stomps to the front door

Maddie began to pace back in forth in the room. She was obviously scared & anxious. Alison sat on the bed & watched her.

Alison: It's ok blue bell. He'll be fine.

Maddie: I hope. I really hope......

Robin slowly opens the door and sees them

Robin: Father.....Mother......

Logan: Wussy.....

Robin: Drunkie.....

Logan elbows him

Robin: I mean dad!

An hour went by as the girls would hear all of it. The yelling and screams of Robin as he tried to get away as his mother had her red wine and his father mauled him for something stupid for the hour. They left soon enough as Robin came up the stairs dizzy. His hair was mangled, his eye had a nice shiner, and his shirt and suspenders were torn, and scars on his face a little.

Robin: Hey~ girls~.......You're free~

He crazily giggles as he falls on the bed with a footprint on his face and red toe nail polish spread across his face.

Both girls jumped as he landed on the bed. Both also did not look to please with how he looked, but this made Maddie storm off out of the room. Alison saw this & but left her to do her own thing & went to Robin.

Alison: Honey? You ok?

Robin: Hey~ Ally~ ........Did you ever notice~ how much of a pet I am~ I love~ it~

He eyes shown he was in some type of gaze

She looked a bit worried. But got a bit upset with what he had said. And was not pleased with how he saw himself as. She got up.

Alison: I'll let you sleep this whole thing off. I'm gonna check up on Maddie.

She then made her way out if the bedroom.

Robin: You are so~ cute~

She got a bit angry at this point & yelled at him.


She then stormed off & headed down the steps. She noticed Maddie wasn't in the living room. She then looked in the kitchen & didn't see her either. She looked in the bathroom & spare rooms, but she was nowhere to be seen. She walked back into the living room & noticed her purse & shoes where gone. Which made her sigh a bit.

The three pets were together as Marley was alone

Maisy covered her eyes as KitKat held her and Freddy wrapped around them. The shuffled away from Alison a bit scared.

Alison decided not to go after her. She wasn't in the mood for it. She sat on the couch & just stared at the t.v. Not even turning it on. At this point, she couldn't hold back her tears anymore. She broke down crying. Covering her eyes with her hands as she wept.

A knock on the door came as a faint old voice was there.

?????: Robin......Grandpa came........I have something for you.......I wanna see my favorite grandson.

The little chinchilla squeak and crawled at the door.

???: Oh~ Is that my little Daisy? I hear squeaks.

As Alison heard this. She wiped her tears away & got up & opened the door.

Alison: Yes?

An 80-year-old man shook with a present in his hands and on top was a cupcake and some money.

Jack: Hello.....I'm Jackson me Jack.....Is Robin here?

James and Peter followed him

James: Yes Jack, he lives here.

Peter: That's his girlfriend, Alison.

The old man fixed his glasses as he looked at her.

Jack: Oh! I thought it was an Angel, sorry my memory is all over......nice to meet you..

Alison: It's nice to meet you to sir. He's upstairs........not sure if he's all there after his parents came by....

James: Please told me you were upstairs.

Peter: Never get in his dad's way. He will beat anyone man or not.

Jack just sighs

Jack: Ms.......I'm had to hear that.....

Alison: It's ok. Maddie and me where indeed upstairs as that happened.

Jack: Ms.....I hulking son.......he was......always like this.....

Alison: I understand. How about you come inside?

She lets him in & sits him on the couch.

Jack: Thank you......I still blame myself dear....Logan was.....a bum......he didn't do anything and so forth. I told him to move his ass in life. I did not hit but I used my words......I knew I had to do something......I had a colonel I knew who's son was general.....I secretly drafted him and he was still himself......he didn't want to do anything and enjoy the fancy life.

James: Ally, the last time we helped Robin.....well we....Peter?

The two lift their shirts up to show scars.

Jack: They had a girl.......once...still in a coma....after my son.

Alison gasped as she saw & heard this. Then she held her head in her hands.

Alison: Jesus......

Then a knock as heard a the door. She got up & opened it & saw it was April with a big burly looking boy behind her. He had short dark brown hair with a button up white shirt & dark purple slacks.

Alison: Hello April, nice to see you Ethan. How's college?

Ethan: Good, on break at the moment.

Alison: I see you dressed up April.....

April had a witches costume on. A pointy black hat covered in fake webs & spiders & a long lovely looking black dress. She also had a crow on her shoulder.

April: Well, I mind as well even if I'm not passing out any candy to the kids. So, where are the birthday boy and my pumpkin?

Jack: Oh....hello.....I think a witch is about to cast one spell on me to say "Hello".........Jackson Davis......Robin's Grandfather.

April & Ethan walked in. She walked over & shook his hand.

April: Pleasure to meet you sir. I'm April, Madison's mother, behind me is my son & her younger brother Ethan.

Ethan nodded

Ethan: Hello.

Jack: I think you look lovely dear.....this old veteran has seen his fair share till I met her......may she rest in heaven ol' June.
April chuckled at this.

April: Well aren't you just sweet.

She then looked to Alison.

April: Hey Ally. Where's Maddie? I don't see her in the kitchen or out here.


They heard a thud as Robin stumbles in, still battered. He still showered and patched up but the black eye was there

Jack: Robin......

Robin: Hey~ Grandpa........

The old man shuffled over and held him

April noticed his change in personality and the nail polish on his face. She looked to Alison who just looked away though she was worried for everyone in the room, she was still wondering where her daughter was.

James: We noticed Maddie walking down the road......

Robin: Blue.....berry....

He staggered to the door and grabs the handle

Jack: No Robi! Don't go!

Robin: Find....her.......

He opens the door

Maddie stood there. Surprised to see him standing in front of her. She had a bag in one hand that looked liked it held something big in it. She looked away from him. She was still very angry & didn't want to speak to him.

Robin softly smiles at her

Robin: ok....

Jack: So you're the Blueberry he's talking about.....I am his grandfather.......nice to meet you.

He lets his old frail hand out to help her in

Maddie ducked under Robin & took Jack's hand smiling.

Maddie: It's nice to meet you to sir.

Robin: Huh......

He slowly turns around

Jack: Come on...let's all celebrate. I know some swanky tunes to play. Maybe even have Ms. April be a dance partner.

He shuffles over to the disc and looks for some.

Maddie headed into the kitchen. She unpacked the grocery bag. Reveling a cake she had picked up for the party. Since she had no time to bake the one she wanted. April walked in & sat at the little bar counter & watched her daughter prepare the snacks & order the pizzas.

April: You ok pumpkin?

Maddie: I'm......angry.....but I will just ignore my emotions & just get tonight over. I just don't want to snap at anyone.

April: You sure?

Maddie: Very. I'll be fine ma.

Jack shuffles in

Jack: Ms.....April, why don't you go see Robin? I know how she's feeling.....believe me.
April: Well, not a bad idea. Didn't get to give the little twig his gift.

She got up & walked back out into the living room. Leaving Maddie still preparing food with the old man.

Jack: My dear.....I'm sorry you have dealt with we his family have dealt with his sad father. We had tried something to put him away......but the cops could it.........I'm sorry for bothering you.

He helps her by carefully putting candles in the cake

Maddie: It wasn't just that.......the fact that he came up &'ve seen his just pissed me off knowing he let his mother do that to him, even though he's a grown ass fucking man & has all the ability to say no, he continues to do what she tells him to do & love the idea of being nothing but a little pet. Like......has this what the relationship has been for the past few months? Is that all I am to him? All Ally is to him? Just a owner or stupid mistress to bring out his manly desires? It's just......upsetting to think about........I'm not a tell you what to do kind of gal. Never have been. And I can't be forced to do so. Even though I have been trying since our relationship has started.........I'm just gonna get tonight over with & go home with my mom for a while.....I need time to think.......& as much as I appreciate it, I don't think nothing you can say at this point will help me.........not with the way my mind is at the moment.

She was about to pick up some of the entries when she noticed a rather expensive & shiny looking lighter at the foot of one of the dinning room chairs. She walked over & picked it up. Examining it.

Maddie: I don't remember one of us starting to smoke. My mom does, but she doesn't have the money for something like this.'s rather tacky looking....

Jack: Ms.....he loves you......he has been nothing but bullied.......and I just wanna......

James: Hey! Listen to this!

TV: Incredible accident has occurred to both Veteran Logan Davis and wife Charlotte as both have been in a fatal car wreck. Stories have reported that the car was filled was drunk driving or something else. Green goop seems to pour from his mouth and not as in alcohol but some poison....the beer company who we will remain anonymous will be in court soon as this is fatal death. As for Mrs. Davis, she seems to be in bad condition and seem to be still breathing as the old veteran landed in a power grid, more on the story coming soon.

Everyone looked at each other and then at Robin was still dazed by earlier...

Jack: He did it........

James: He actually did it.....

Peter: Satan is gone......

April: Well shit....

Maddie just ended up breaking at this point. She walked out of the living room area & up the steps & into the bedroom. Wrapping herself up it the comforter. Alison knew that she wasn't doing ok. And the ever so dazed Robin wasn't helping the situation either. She sat next to April. Sighing a bit. There was no way anyone in the house was gonna fix her or help her out. It was clear she wanted to be left alone.

Maisy squeaks

Jack: Yes girl? What is it?

Maisy squeaks a little

Jack: Ok go ahead and try. Be careful

Maisy runs up the stairs and into the bedroom.

Jack: James and Peter.....get him up.

The two throw cold water on him, as Robin jumped coughing and shaking.

Robin: COLD~!!!!!!

All three April, Alison & Ethan jumped at this.

Maddie still lay in bed curled up under the comforter. She was softly weeping to herself.Robin kneeled breathing heavily

Robin: can't.....

James: Robin!

He helps him up

James: Easy.....Ally is here......Maddie is upstairs......He didn't slap them or choke em like Megan or Peggy.......

Peter: Yeah.....they're all here......just take a deep breathe as Ally is coming to warm you up after that.....

Robin: I couldn't.....fight....

James: We know he beat with the belt and kitchen supplies.....and a branch.......but he's gone.....

Maisy had snuck in and squeak holding a toy for her to hold.

Alison quickly got up & walked over to him. Holding him close.

Alison: It's ok Robi. I'm ok. Maddie.....physically, yes. get the point......

Even though she was getting wet, she still held onto him tightly.
Meanwhile, as Masiy crawled under the sheets to see her with the little toy in hand, Maddie pulled her close & hugged her. Crying a bit as she did.

Robin squeezed her crying his eyes out and sniffling.

Robin: I'M SORRY~

His hot tears fell down her shoulder


He cried more

Maisy nibbled her cheek

Alison was a bit surprised by this. But she kept hugging him tightly nonetheless. She knew he had it rough. Hell, maybe yelling at him like she did might have just made things worse. But at the moment, it didn't matter. He needed her and she wasn't gonna leave him.
Maddie on the other hand, continued to cry. She just couldn't stop. Her inner thoughts where taking over. They were plaguing her mind and making her think of terrible thoughts. She pushed the covers off & got out of bed. She then walked over to her dresses & pulled out a box cutter. It had been a while & she swore never to do it again, but her mind wasn't all the way there. She then walked into the medium sized master bathroom connected to the bedroom & locked herself in there.

Robin stopped


He runs upstairs and grabs the keys

Jack: I sense....Maddie's is in trouble

He quickly opens the door and flings it in

Robin: MADDIE~!

Maddie jumped & dropped the box cutter. She was sitting on the toilet & she had only on small cut on her heel. She then hopped in the tub. Trying to hid herself from him. Feeling to ashamed oh herself.
Alison, April & Ethan ran upstairs to. Alison knew what she had to be doing. It was to obvious. But, she wondered if her mother & brother knew about this.

Robin runs to her holding, crying his eyes out again. He held her tight repeatedly saying, "I'm sorry" and trying not to hold let her go

Maddie was a bit shocked at this. He didn't yell at her, get angry at her, nothing of the sorts. He just held her & cried. Blaming himself as she began to tear up again. Crying into his shoulder but to afraid to hug him. Because deep down, she still wasn't sure what he thought of her now. Especially since she broke her promise to him.

Robin just quiver his lip as hot tears ran down his face

Alison ran in & held the two close, trying to be as reassuring as possible. April and Ethan stood in the doorway and watched.

Robin could only hold the two, trying to hold himself together

Alison turned to the two.

Alison: Can you give us some privacy for a bit?

April nodded & dragged Ethan back downstairs. Alison got up and walked over to the door, locking it & looking back at the other two.

Robin: Ok......I'm ready for it........just give it to me for what I did wrong......


She slammed her fists on the floor.

Maddie: I should be the one getting smacked! I crossed the line! I did the one thing I promised not to! But.......What was I supposed to think!? After all, all I am here is a play thing for the three of you! One for your many mistresses! I'm replaceable! So why keep me around when I can't even do what you want me to do!? I'm not forceful! I'm not seductive! I'm not a "tell you what to do" kind of person!!! So why love me anyway?

She stayed there looking down at the ground as tears falling down her face.

Maddie: Nothing goes right for me......not even relationships......just leave me & be with Ally......I'm not the kind of girl you's even obvious that Ally & you are better for each other....

Alison knew this was coming. She knew deep down these thoughts of hers where gonna bring her down like this. She did & truly feels sorry for her. Maddie was a sweet & caring girl who had went through a lot through her life. But, she knew, & she hoped, that Robin nor Andrew weren’t gonna let her go like this.

Robin went white a little as his heart was racing. He took a deep breath, not saying anything. He grabs he foot and wraps it up and holds her close. He lifts her chin, kissing her.

Robin: I'm not happy without you......both me and Andrew. I love you for everything you do for me while the few months we dated.....just because we fuck doesn't mean anything. I love for who you are. I don't care, I just wanna make sure my blueberry is okay.

He kisses her again, rocking her a little.

She holds him & balls even more at this point. Having a hard time trying to stop.

He sings to her, calming her down a little.

Maddie: I made me so made......that you let her do that to you.......your supposed to only & Ally.......

She nuzzled her face into his shoulder.

Robin: Maddie....for seven years now....she was like that. For the other part, she was avian me and being nice till she couldn't take.... alcohol did it........I love when you do it and weren't treating me like shit and I wanted to be happy.....but I was just unsure. I love you both. I don't wanna see you upset.

He kisses her head and rubs the back of her head.

Maddie: I'm sorry.....I do love you........I just feel so useless & not good enough to make you happy......

Robin: Shut up......just shut up. You have been nothing but so kind to me and you are making me happy dammit. This recent thing is one thing I did not wanna see myself smiling at. I know you're pissed at me for my father but I did it to save you. The last two girls, he put in a coma. I am not seeing you two in a hospital bed where the guilt would kill me and letting down your mother Maddie. I love you both equally and I don't know how else to express it but this....

He kisses her passionately, then Ally.

Robin: What I do to save's to make sure, you won't get hurt.

Maddie: ....ok.....I believe you....I'm sorry.....

She gripped his shirt tightly. Not wanting him to let go of her. Not wanting to let go of him. And Alison saw that. She then wrapped her arms around Robin. Holding the still crying blueberry in between.

Robin: See this Ally? We have a sweet little baby girl who love so much.

He kisses her nose

Alison: Indeed. She is the cutest of them all.

She kisses her cheek. And Maddie at this point looks annoyed & puffs her cheeks out.

Alison: Awwwww

Robin: She is adorable head to toe~

He wriggles her pinky toe and kisses her head

Maddie's puffed up cheeks turned red.

Robin: Ally...Plan B.

He starts tickling Maddie

Maddie begins to laugh.

Alison: Yes!!!

She starts to tickle Maddie as well, making her laugh even more.

Robin: We got you~

She smiles and look's up at the two.

Maddie: I'm glad you do.

Robin: Now.....can we get an "I love you" and kisses or is the tickle monster coming again?

Maddie: I can do the first one. But you will have to come down here for the other~

Robin pulls the two close

Robin: I don't I wanna~ I think I rather have you above the sad clouds~

She giggled & pressed her lips against his.

Robin: Now Ally~

Alison kissed his lips as well.

Robin: Now.....can we have fun today? It's my birthday and I wanna see you two happy.

Alison: Damn straight! Let's go have fun!!!

Maddie nodded.

Alison: Damn straight! Let's go have fun!!!

Maddie nodded

Robin helps the two up and prepare for a great day for himself as the two perfect girls of his life were there by side. His birthday was blast as he experienced so much fun with them. Although, it was a rough patch the party went on. Thanksgiving and Christmas was another great time as he was warmly greeted with food and joy to this year. However, during this New Year, life would be quite a bit of a change.

To be continued...
BATIM Chapter 3: All 'Family' Matters (4)
The fourth and last of Chapter as this was the longest it seems. We managed to pull this out and now....have this chapter done. We'll have chapter 4 and 5 coming soon, hopefully everyone enjoys it here.

Robin belongs to me 

Maddie belongs to :iconiridescentinkangel: 

BATIM Belongs to TheMeatly

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The next morning, when she awoke him and Alison where still asleep cuddled up just like always. She then carefully got up and put on her silk robe, and then walked down stairs and into the kitchen. She started feeding all the animals and began to make breakfast.

Maisy squeaks

She looks down at her from sitting at the table.

Maddie: Hey sweetie, Mommy is just trying to figure out what to make. Today was Ally's day to cook but.....mommy gave up trying to turn daddy on.......she's not as good at it as mama Ally....

She went back to reading her cookbook.

Maisy sat on her foot, squeaking a little.

Maddie: Mommy's fine sweetie. I'm a better cook than Ally anyway.

Maisy starts crying

Maddie then picks her up & holds her.

Maddie: It's ok sweetie. I'm here. No need to be sad.

Maisy squirms and runs off crying, up to their room. She nibbles on Ally's cheek.

Alison: Mmm.....what's up Maisy?

She sits up & notices Maddie isn't there.

Alison: That little shit!

Robin tosses over a little as the little chinchilla hides in Allison's arm

Alison: For the love of......

She got up & went downstairs. She then grabbed Maddie by her robe.

Alison: Missy! Go upstairs and give Robin his gift!

Maddie: !!!! Ally.....I'm not.....I can't......

Alison: Why not?

Maddie: Because......I'm not the right kind of gal to turn him on.....

Alison looked confused.

Alison: What do you mean? I'm not following this.

Maddie: Ally, you know how to please him. Turning him on basically with his likes in the bedroom. I'm not that kind of girl, I'm not demanding I'm submissive. I want to be...well.......the toy in a since.......I want to be the little pet. The obidiant one.....he's not into that....

Alison hugged her & looked at her with a smile.

Alison: Never know unless you try, you just gotta be you sweetie. That's what he loves. Now, go up there & give him your present to him.

She pushed Maddie upstairs. Going back down to make breakfast. Maddie felt a little scared and nervous, but she walked into the bedroom. Robin was still sleeping thankfully. She took of her clothing, took a bag out & put on little light blue cat ears and a big ol pink bow around her neck. She then got back on the bed and kneeled there, waiting for him to wake up.

Robin slowly wakes up

Robin:.......The hell?

He rubs his eyes

Robin: look PURRfect

Maddie felt herself begin to bring the water works up, realizing none of this was working.

Maddie: I-I'm not supposed to be! I'm supposed to be turning you on. But this....this isn't even working to my advantage........why an I even trying.........

She laid on her side, curling up and holding her tears back. She didn't wanna do this anymore. She was good with baking, art and cleaning, not being sexual or.....anything like that.

Robin jumped a little, falling next to her

Robin: Ow.

He lays one arm on her leg

Robin: I'm sorry......Ow my's okay.....

Maddie: No it's not......I'm not....

She sits up & takes the ears off. Tossing them across the room, and then pulling the ribbon apart & doing the same to it.

Maddie: I'm just gonna get dressed now.......I'm realizing I'll just only be the house wife for everyone here.......

She began to stand up.

Robin: No it's okay.....I guess......I think you were.....okay.... I'm just seeing doubles.......

He closes his eyes, hitting his head a little hard off the floor. Maisy scurries in, hopping on his head squeaking happily. She nibbles on his cheek, then looking at Maddie puzzled. She starts crying before running off again

She sighed.

Maddie: And there goes me ruining everything.....can't do anything right I guess.....

She grabbed some cloths & walked out of the room.

Maisy runs to Ally, climbing up her leg and hides in her chest

Alison was in the middle of burning her eggs.

Alison: Hm, what's up sweetie?

Maisy cries more holding onto her. She looks up at Ally with a tear on her whisker.

Alison: Aww, there not fighting sweetie. Mommy is just having a hard time finding her inner sexy beast is all.

Maisy cries more

Alison sighs.

Alison: I got this baby girl.

She then throws her eggs away, heads upstairs into the bathroom grabbing a struggling Maddie and walking into the room. She cuffs her hands to the bed frame & goes to wake Robin up.

Alison: ROBIN!!!!

Robin slowly moves off the floor, as he pulls himself up

Robin: Hey~ Ally.......what's up~?

Robin: I like the cat outfit....makes you look cute.

He crawls to her on the bed and kisses her.

Robin: I'm ready.....for you~

Maddie: B-b-b-b-but.......I'm not the forceful type.......I'm just....submissive.......that's not sexy or.....anything else.....

Robin:'re sexy. I don't care....I love you how you are. I like both a girl who is submissive and yet also a little feisty....that may sound dumb but it's what I's adorable.

She blushed at this.

Maddie: Are....are you sure?

Robin: Hon, if you try a little for me....I'd be happy if you were a little demanding. You maybe submissive....but we can change that~

He slides her underwear down her legs


Maddie: But...I'm not like that.....I hate being demanding......I tried....but...

Robin: Maddie...... I believe in does Ally.....I wanna help you.....

He kisses her again

Robin: Now......

He splits her legs a little, inserting his member in her and starts thrusting

Maddie: Oh god!!~

She arched her back up as he began to thrust.

He kisses her neck as he continues

Maddie: Yes. Oh god yes~

He caresses her body as he does more

Maddie: Oh god, keep going~

Robin: Yes~ my mistress~

He thrusts deeper in and plays with her body

Maddie: That's it. Have your way. Love me harder~

Robin: You're learning~

He does as he's told

She scratched at the frame, her hands still cuffed to it.

Maddie: Oh fuck yes!!~

Robin: That's a happy Maddie~

He leaves a spank on her

Maddie: Oh!!~

She went red in the face.

Robin: You're so sweet~

He kisses her chest all over

Maddie: Like....blueberries~?

Robin: Yep.

She moaned out more, wrapping her legs around his waist.

Robin: That's a good girl~

He kisses her neck more

Maddie: Mmmm~

Robin pleasures her with little love bites

Maddie: Oh yes, ooooh yes~

Robin: My little blueberry happy~?

Maddie: Yes. Very much so~

Robin: Is she close~?

Maddie: Very~

Robin: Oh really~?

He rubs at her clit

Maddie: Oh Yes!!!~~

Robin: Mhmm~

He kisses her neck more

Maddie: Oh god're gonna make me cum~

Robin: That is the plan~.

He continues.

Maddie: Harder.....fuck me harder~

Robin: Yes my mistress~

He thrusts harder in her, giving her the pleasure.

Maddie: Mmmm~

Robin kisses her

She moaned loudly into the kiss, finally climaxing.

Robin leashes back in her

Robin: Mhmm~

Her body twitched a bit at the feeling.

Maddie: Ooooh~

Robin: You're cute.

He kisses her

Robin: What's next for my little blueberry~?

Maddie: A-another round....please~?

Robin: You sure about that~?

Maddie: Huh? What do you mean?

Robin: I don't think you can handle it~

Maddie: Huh!? Please? Robin, I need it. I need you so badly~

She started giving him the puppy dog eyes.

Robin: As you wish my mistress.

He gives her another round she desired so much
They kept this up for a few more minutes before they finished. Then they headed down stairs to see Susie burning her 13th batch of eggs. She turned around & saw the two.

Alison: Help me......

She looked at Maddie with a defeated & sad look on her face.

Maddie: I'll get donuts.

Robin: Oh Ally~

He kisses her

Robin: Here....let me do this. I think I can do this again for us.

He hugs her and gives a kiss on the cheek. The tall man grabs a new carton he saved from Ally and begins serving up breakfast. In no time, a little breakfast buffet was laid out for the three.

Robin: I made your favorites.....for this is a little something for you.

He digs into his warm toast, cereal and omelet.

Both girls dig in as the three ate at the table

Soon after Breakfast, Robin takes the bowls and plates and starts washing them clean.

Robin: Hmmm~ Mhmmmm~ Hmmm~ Mhmmm~

He dries them off and puts them away

Robin: All what's next?

Alison: Well, since tomorrow is your official birthday, we decided to just chill for today. Maddie & I rented some new movies, will order pizza later sound good?

Robin: Well..that would be nice. I guess I can make some popcorn as you girls get drinks.

Alison: I call the wine!

She ran into the kitchen.

Maddie: And she's gonna be wasted tonight.....

Robin: She gets demanding.....and also....perverted....with a slight chance of whiny when she has wine. Champagne....she gets calm........a little lusty....but also...demanding attention to her body.....

He starts making popcorn

Maddie: Hm, I don't think any of you have seen me drunk before.

Alison: We can change that!!!!

She popped right behind her and poured her a glass.

Alison: Live a little blue bell~

Maddie: Ugh, fine....

Robin: Ally tells me you swear like a sailor.

Alison: She does! She also gets really hyper, random, & her puns are crazy to.

She started laughing as Maddie stood there with red cheeks & a annoyed look on her face.

Robin: Last time I got drunk....I found myself butterball ass naked in the middle of a park and streaked all the way home...

He blushed a little red

Robin: I was twenty-one......Andrew made me have a few drinks....and that happened. I did streak all the way home.

Maddie: Oh dear.....

Alison: Hey, if you give this gal tequila, you get a free strip tease~

Maddie: ALISON!!!

Alison: Hear that Andy!? That is if you two got any. I just went & grabbed the wine to be honest.

Robin: Ally....I don't think....he wants...

He twitches

Andrew: Coming up~!

He pulls a fresh bottle of Tequila, as Andrew twitches

Robin: What'd I miss?

Alison snatches the bottle away from him.

Alison: Be back you two~

She quickly pushes the two out of the kitchen, leaving them in the living room.

Maddie: Welp, I'm scared now. Guess someone is more eager about a naked me than the other.....

Robin: If I can be honest.....we're excited to see where this is going for both of us....

He looked away nervous as he looks at the floor

Maddie smirked at him.

Maddie: I see. Think you'll get lucky tonight~?

Robin looks at her, more red

Robin: I'm lucky....with you

He looks away embarrassed

She pressed her body up against his back, running her hands up & down his chest.

Maddie: And how lucky might that be hun~?

Her demeanor changed a bit. She sounded more confident than usual.

Robin went red

Robin: Um..... v-v-very lucky Ma-Ma-Maddie

He froze for a second as he watches her smirk a little. Robin a little scared, tried scooting away but ended up laying on the couch a bit nervous

She giggled a bit.

Maddie: I'm not gonna hurt you Robin. I....just wanna make you happy a bit~

She leaned down & nipped at his neck a bit. Letting her chest press up against his. She was in a long sleeve shirt & some comfy pants. But, she did indeed have nothing else underneath them.

Robin: What' gonna do.....?

He was a bit nervous, as his face was redder

She rested her forehead on his, looking at him eye to eye.

Robin looked at her nervous, as his whole face was red

Robin: Wh-Wh-Wh-Whatver you want fr-fr-from me.

He nervously smiles as his hand shakes a little, stroking her leg.

She pressed her lips against his. Slowly kissing him as she ran her finger through his hair. Hoping to calm him down in a since.

Robin slowly wrapped his arms around her, taking in the sweet kiss

If Maddie had to be honest, she had never felt more safe & loved by another individual. Well, Alison was an exception, but just being held & loved on by him, made her heart feel warm & comfy. She continued to do this until she was caught off guard when Alison smacked her on the ass very hard. She made her sit up & look at her with rosey red cheeks & an angry look.

Maddie: THE HELL ALLY!!!!!????

Alison: What? I just love that plump ass of yours~

Maddie: Jesus Ally.....

Robin froze on the couch, blushing redder....

Robin:Um....that....killed some mood.....

He grabs a pillow, hiding his face.

Alison: Oh come on Robi. Stop being a stick in the mud. Besides, I think you don't wanna miss this~

She hands a glass to Maddie, but Maddie snatches the bottle of tequila from her & proceeds to drink it straight.

Alison:Damn blue bell!!!

Maddie: Just hand me the salt and lime slices. Maybe I might survive today with your random ass self.

Robin: I'm no stick in the mud Ally......

Alison: Then enjoy yourself here Robi. After all, it's your birthday weekend & you have two beautiful women to keep you company~

She sits on the couch with them & watches Maddie slug down some more.

Robin: Well.....I guess......I could.....after all, you're sitting on my chest.......

He takes a can and takes a few sips

Alison: Hey, you love this body. No questioning my methods~

Robin: Methods?

He freezes for a second

Robin: Wh-Wh-Wh-What methods?

Alison laughed a bit.

Alison: My sexual methods silly. But not right now this show looks good.

Robin: Oh.... I just thought you were....pulling something.

Alison: Not today. Besides, I'm waiting for Maddie to get drunk enough to give us a tease~

Maddie was still chugging the bottle down. Every now and then squeezing lime juice in her mouth, sprinkling salt on her tongue.

Maddie: Oh hush you.

She was definitely getting there.

Robin: Whatever it is.....I think....I'm ready....

Alison: So Maddie~?

Maddie was definitely tipsy now. But she put the bottle down, tired of the taste now.

Maddie: What........I'm supposed to strip now? Ple*hic* please......I need a better reason than that.....

Alison: Robi. Can I borrow Andy for a few? Promise I'll do a little tease for you later~

Robin: Dam, and to think I was going to-

He twitches

Andrew: Baby girl, better give me what I came to desire....or else I'm taking over~

He licks his lips

Alison got off of him & sat next to him.

Alison: You heard the man blue bell. We want a show~!

Maddie sighed and got up, letting Andrew sit up. She slowly yet sexually began to dance, letting her pants slip off as she did. She started moving her way over to him, letting him hold her as she continued to dance. She then took her shirt off, revealing that she indeed had no undergarments on. Alison pulled her wallet out, took a hand full of ones and began to make it ran.

Alison: YEAH!!!!!~

Andrew: Now this is what I like~

He licks his lips

Maddie: I would hope so. I know how much these curves turn you on~

She kept dancing. Turning every now & then. Bending down as she danced.

Andrew: Then get that ass here and enjoy the payment~

He unzips his pants

Maddie went a tad bit red in the face, but her expression as content and calm almost poker face like. She moved closer, his hands now running up and down her body. Alison watched as they where about to have some fun.

Andrew: Papa Andrew is ready~

Maddie: Now....who said I was going to be willing about it~?

She cupped his chin.

Maddie: What happened to being demanding? Forceful? Putting the moves on me? Such a turn off~

She playfully began to back away from him slowly.

Andrew grabs her arm

Andrew: Did I say you could walk away~?

He pulls her back, caressing her body

Andrew: Cause you don't walk away until I say so~

He kisses her

She was a bit surprised at first, but began to kiss him back. Feeling a bit turned on by this demanding nature of his.

Andrew: are gonna party with us two here~ or I maybe punishing you. Get it?

He gives her a little spank

She made a little squeak sound as he smacked her ass.

Maddie: Y-yes daddy~

Andrew: Now....begin.

She sits on his lap. Letting his hands run up & down her body. She then reaches behind her & pulls out his member. Teasing the tip a bit with her fingers.

Maddie: Well, it's getting there, but......I figured a big man like you would be having his way with me for once. Why must the blueberry do all the work daddy~?

Her hand squeezes it tightly. Almost being demanding herself at this point.

Andrew a bit surprised, pulls her hair a little

Andrew: Play nice.....and you might see what this baby can do~

He kisses her neck as he now inserts in her spot.

Andrew: Is this what my pet wants?

She moaned out a bit as he inserted himself & pulled her hair a bit. It definitely was the alcohol taking over, but she loved it. She loved it when he would get rough with her. Treat her like she belonged to him & only him. She was ok with it, mainly because she loved him. Not only that, but it turned her on so much.

Maddie: Y-yes daddy. I love when you shove your big cock inside me~

She held him close. Clawing at his back a bit. She was enjoying the feeling of his member moving in & out of her. It was so tantalizing. So addicting. Being called his turned her on much more than before. Making the feeling 10x better.

Maddie: Mmmm~

Andrew: Good.....cause you're mine now...

He starts to thrust in her

Andrew: That's my baby girl~

An hour and a half of this escapade went on, as Alison joined a little and having her little way with the drunk Maddie. Andrew did his best to make it worth the wild for the Friday night was all his as he watch his little Blueberry have the time of her life.

Andrew: How was that~?

She rested on top of him. Alison laid on the floor. Sleeping off the fun time & wine. Maddie was breathing heavily a bit. She could feel his seed spill out of her. Her face as a bit red with a small smile on her face.

Maddie: I loved it.....I want more....but my legs gave out after you put me in that position you learned~

Andrew: Hey, it brightened up my day....I think it made me a little happy to see you work for it~

He kisses her.

She smiles a little more at this.

Maddie: know how I like when you get crazy & possessive with me. I turns me on a bit~

Andrew: I know's cute.....maybe if I had a little'd be more cute

He kisses her again

She looked at him. Her look was hazy.

Maddie: Tell me.....who do I belong to? Give me an answer, & you'll get a reward~

She looked at him. Her look was hazy.

Maddie: Tell me.....who do I belong to? Give me an answer, & you'll get a reward~

Andrew: That answer might have to be me~. As I love you with all my crazy heart can do.

He kisses her.

Andrew: Not to mention, a little bit of Robin.

She smirked a bit.

Maddie: Can't argue with that. I do love my nervous little man. He's a very obedient boy. Now for your reward~

She took a hold of his member. Beginning to jerk him off as she nipped at his neck.

Andrew: That's it~

He lays back, enjoying it.

She continued to do this, pumping a bit faster.

Andrew hums a little, enjoying it.

She keeps this up a bit more. Then out of the blue, as she was nipping at his neck, she bit down hard. Drawing blood as she did so.
Andrew: That's a good girl~

She then began to lick up the dripping blood. Using one finger to stroke the top of the tip & using the others to jerk him off still.

Andrew: Man, I am gonna get close with you~

Maddie: At least I know how to please you~

She continued her little processes she had going now.

Andrew: Being with you, pleases me. I know that's the fact.

She smiled. Continuing.

Maddie: Cum. Cum for me daddy~

She pressed her lips against his.

Andrew: Mhmm~

He cums for her

She giggled a bit as she felt the warm white substance leek onto her hand. She let go oh his member and began to lick it off his semen.

Andrew: Good girl~

Maddie: Can't help it. You both taste so good~

Andrew: Why not move this to the bedroom and enjoy cuddling~? We have been busy~.

Maddie: That sound's nice.....I'm tired.....

She yawns.

Andrew: With that....I'll leave Robi boy to it.

He twitches

Robin: I'm back......

He picks her up with Alison, carrying the two to bed. He lays in bed with the two sleeping by his head.

Robin: Night Maddie.

She felt asleep as he laid her in bed. Robin drifted off to sleep; a bit worried of what could happen.
BATIM Chapter 3: All 'Family' Matters (3)
Part 3 of the little escapades the girls do to him as they seem to make him happy with their little tricks up their sleeves. Not to mention, Andrew seems to enjoy it as for once, a good turn of events come to Robin

Robin belongs to me

Maddie belongs to :iconiridescentinkangel:

BATIM belongs to TheMeatly 
WARNING: The following of what you will about to read is all based my opinions and such. No burning me at the stake, it's my OWN opinion that I am sure you have to. Other than that if you haven't watched/Played chapter 4, I suggest you stop reading this and walk away. 

A little Discord chat of me and the fam (:iconpaneritas: , :iconnightglim: , :iconspicymoonmae: , :iconbluem0use: , and :iconiridescentinkangel: )

My thoughts? Well not much can be said as I play though the video capturing almost everything. We now know Grant Cohen, heading accounting of money, could be dead himself or has gone insane with others like Sammy. The Archives are interesting now knowing Susie Campbell has now showing her inner demons as she is an "angel" here. The rest of the suspense as she holds Boris quite amusing not knowing if you'll make it there to save him or not, you care for him as he could be the main man, Mr. Wally Franks. I believe he is Wally secretly but no one crush it please. As for Bertrum, he is now being Joey's new puppet as he builds Bendy Land and now being part of the rides itself is quite terrifying to see as his whole body is one amusement park itself now. The Boris Railway bit gets me as Norman, The Projectionist, is alive (Whether you killed him or not) and moving. The recording of Joey you find there is funny. I didn't imagine him faking being the jolly director of the whole place as an act. The one thing that got me was Norman vs Bendy, I think Bendy is Joey as he wants to keep you alive to see the "masterpiece" he has created while Henry left 30 years ago. Going on from that and making it back to the ink people, those might be others trapped in the ink itself like you said before.
Now you say the ink is needed, but I think you can be wrong. The idea of the ink lying in barrels, every level, and more is enough here to keep them alive here. They wanna go home either being free or by basically dying here. The amusement park idea I thought is interesting with the haunted but with Boris now this horrific pretty upsetting. People hoped to get him back and not see him be this monster he was. You feel bad as you kill him and fades into oblivion. Then when Susie comes, I was expecting a battle and soon Henry axing him off to rid her. But then I assume Alison and the real Wally Franks save you as she falls dead. There is no way Susie is back and it upsets that we could get more like with Sammy. For the last chapter coming soon, I bet it will be bigger with all answers soon rising and having the studio burned with you walking away with Alison and Wally still in their toony forms leaving Joey stuck in his own hell

As for the Alice bit 
I believe the new Alice is the new Alison Pendle. Susie is nothing more of a the drama and making nothing more a diva out of Alice. Alison on the other hand is nothing more than the shy and sweet Alice Angel as what she's suppose to be. If you look at it like this, Susie is getting ridiculed by Joey. The idea of her getting replaced is something tragic as you were basically being praised by it before. Now this is new girl shows up and takes you place? I feel upset and try everything to get my job back here. Second, if you look back on chapter 3, you see the idea of what Susie is going through her time making it right when even this deformed angel now. She wants her job back and the popularity it gave her as now, she lost it. Alison is what she should be, helping and caring as now Susie puts a bad image onto her.


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